Software Nec Leafengine EXPERT Plugin 10-19

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  • € 399,00 + VAT
  • Recommended End User Price


NEC’s leafengine is a software product designed to integrate with existing Digital Signage software, drastically simplifying the integration, replacement and testing of new sensors. Once enabled, it allows the installation to react to changes in its environment, select and play content that matches the users profile or capture audience data for later analysis.

The leafengine middleware transforms digital signage installations into interactive experiences, reacting to the visitor’s input, customizing the content and gathering the rich market data all these processes generate. Such a goal typically required selecting, integrating and maintaining an ever-changing, ever-updating number sensors into the player software; The leafengine, on the other hand, is designed to overcome this complexity and enable access to a broad catalogue of sensors, including gender and age classification, proximity detection, NFC, QR-Codes, touch and many others.

Traditional digital signage solutions rely on demographic statistics to target specific audiences. Commonly the content is changed against pre-set times and dates, rendering it insensitive to any unforeseen circumstances.

In contrast, leafengine enables the signage solution to react in real time to the current situation, based on the input from any number of sensors. This includes, for example, determining the most picked-up products, the empty or crowded areas in a store, and of course, real time demographic and engagement data.

leafengine is an ideal solution for

- Retail
- Airports and Transportation
- Leisure and Entertainment
- Facility Management / Corporate

Enhancing viewer experience and intelligence in

- Queue management and waiting time infotainment
- Product selection assistance
- Intelligent child care and entertainment
- Automated sizing and relevant product matching
- Luxury product demonstration
- Product presentation supported by gesture interactivity
- Additional information on products



  • Tipology:
  • Software
  • Product category:
  • Professional Monitors
  • Family:
  • LFD_non touch
  • Product line:
  • Software / App


  • Platform
  • PC


  • Windows operating systems supported
  • Y
  • Linux operating systems supported
  • Y


  • License level purchase required
  • 11 - 20 license(s)

System requirements

  • Minimum processor
  • Intel/AMD
  • Minimum processor speed
  • 1000 MHz
  • Minimum RAM
  • 64 MB
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Java SE Runtime Environment 1.6+
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