Cineroll 70"

Code: 142484

Brand: LIGRA

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  • € 132,00 + VAT
  • Recommended End User Price


Screens with manual wind-up mechanism, high quality torsion spring, and internal device which allows the fabric’s lowering and its self-blocking, with no need to anchor the fabric to the wall. Realised for ceiling or wall installations in homes, they are of essential and sober line but with pleasant and refined finishes.
CINEROLL screens are the ideal solution for whom does not want to give up high performances in the category of manually wound-up screens. Ideal for home cinema and home theatre installations thanks to the outer black border and upper black drop which allows adjusting the projection height.

Screens realised with the following projection fabrics: MATT WHITE (see technical sheets on pages 126/127) - Available both in video format 4:3 and also HDTV 16:9, supplied in both cases with four black perimetrical borders of 3 cm (of 5 cm for formats of 244x201 cm and 244x175 cm) and an extra upper black drop which changes according to the format: the black perimetrical borders increase the definition of the image projected on the screen - Lowering of projection fabric from the rear side of the box; the screen is not equipped with front fabric’s descent command - Steel box varnished with epoxy powders in white colour RAL 9010, square section 68x68 mm with rounded edges; a longitudinal slot with rounded edges is present on the bottom part, through which the projection fabric descends - Internal steel tube for fabric wind-up, Ø 35 mm within which the torsion spring is located, equipped with internal device which allows the descending of the fabric and its self-blocking approximately every 13 cm - Box’s closing heads in ABS of light grey colour RAL 7035, equipped with anchoring system for wall/ceiling installation of the screen by means of suitable screw anchors
Closing bottom of pleasant drop-type, triangular shape, complete with thermal caps in ABS of light grey colour RAL 7035 - Knob for grasping in sturdy ABS of light grey colour RAL 7035 of pleasant aesthetic shape - All screens in the proposed formats do not present welding on the projection surface



  • Tipology:
  • Finished product
  • Product category:
  • Projection screen
  • Family:
  • Manual
  • Product line:
  • Not Tensioned
  • Serie Schermi
  • Cineroll
  • Rapporto di proiezione
  • 16 - Rapporto di proiezione 16:9
  • Tipo montaggio
  • Montaggio a parete e o soffitto
  • Bordi neri laterali
  • BL3 - Bordi neri laterali cm 3
  • Base Utile di proiezione
  • 154 - Base Utile di proiezione cm 154
  • Tela da Proiezione
  • Tela Matt White
  • Diagonale Utile di proiezione
  • 70 - Diagonale Utile di proiezione 70"
  • discesa standard
  • Discesa posteriore
  • tipo proiezione
  • Bordo nero Superiore o Inferiore
  • BS25 - Bordo nero superiore cm 25

Weight & dimensions

  • Weight
  • 5 kg


  • Format
  • HDTV
  • Diagonal
  • 177.8 cm (70")
  • Native aspect ratio
  • 16:9
  • Viewable screen height (H)
  • 86 cm
  • Viewable screen width (W)
  • 154 cm
  • Overall screen size (Height x Width)
  • 114 x 160 cm


  • Product colour
  • White
  • Case colour
  • White
  • Black drop
  • 2,5 cm
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