• Sch.Cinedomus Tela Matt White no Bordi Neri250X190
  • Sch.Cinedomus Tela Matt White no Bordi Neri250X190
  • Sch.Cinedomus Tela Matt White no Bordi Neri250X190
  • Sch.Cinedomus Tela Matt White no Bordi Neri250X190
  • Sch.Cinedomus Tela Matt White no Bordi Neri250X190


Code: 453843

Brand: LIGRA

€ 530,00 + VAT
Recommended End User Price
  • € 530,00 + VAT
  • Recommended End User Price


CINEDOMUS is the new range of professional electrical screens, developed and designed mainly for domestic use in home cinemas, but also suitable for any kind of use. Sober design: a sturdy aluminium structure and the total absence of visible screws: the attention to details, the materials used and the construction quality are the common denominators of this product. Operation is quick and silent thanks to the 28 rev per minute motor, guaranteed for 5 years. The most outstanding aspect is without a doubt use of the Matt White cloth that, thanks to its stability and planarity, guarantees
the total absence of waves, curls and, most importantly, horrible welds on large formats: the black cloth rear cover eliminates any possible interference caused by light sources positioned behind the screen; the black edgings are decorated with a serigraphy process using a special indelible ink that is resistant to creases of the cloth that may occur during the rolling stage. Easy wall or ceiling fixing using suspension brackets for free positioning along the length of the box, the CINEDOMUS screens can be fitted, upon request, with remote controls and therefore guarantee the utmost comfort in use.

Screens realised with the following projection fabrics: MATT WHITE
- Available both in square format 1:1, video 4:3 and also HDTV 16:9, supplied in both cases with four black perimetrical borders of 5 cm and an extra upper black drop which changes according to the format: the black perimetrical borders increase the definition of the image projected on the screen - All of the screens in the formats proposed do not include any welds on the projection surface - Descended from the projection cloth at the back of the box; the screen cannot be supplied with a descent of the front cloth; in the case of a wall mounted installation, the cloth descends at 29-45mm from the wall - Robust case of extruded aluminium, epoxide powder coating, in white color RAL 9010, section 85x93 mm, with rounded corners; ribbed along the top edge to hold wall fixing clamps; a longitudinal slot with rounded corners at the lower side, for projection screen rolling down - Inner tubing for screen rolling, in anodized aluminium Ø 50 mm which includes a reliable robust electric motor set on a special rubber vibration dampers - Electric motor with a single-phase control, CE mark, 5 year warranty from the purchase date, electrical connections 200V - 50Hz, absorption 0,66A, level of protection IP 44, 28 revs per minute; in the standard version the motor is fixed to the right hand side - Screen up and down electric inverter, supplied as standard - Automatic stops in both end positions. Extension and retraction of the screen already set in course of production, with possibility of further adjustments if necessary. The screen can also be stopped at intermediate positions by pressing the electric inverter - Steel installation brackets, epoxide powder warnished, in white color RAL 9010, can be variably adjusted on the case lengthtwise, giving optimum freedom when mounting on wall or ceiling by means of suitable expansion dowels - Rounded closing heads of the box, with a special design made from shockproof ABS in white color - Closing backdrop with a pleasant triangular shape, complete with white ABS terminals - Supplied in a single cardboard package (vulcano type) - Product certificate CE, 12 month guarantee to the conditions indicated on the manual - Accessories on request: radio command - Overhall dimensions: fabric dimension +18 cm



  • Tipology:
  • Finished product
  • Product category:
  • Projection screen
  • Family:
  • Motorized
  • Product line:
  • Not Tensioned
  • Serie Schermi
  • Cinedomus
  • Rapporto di proiezione
  • 43 - Rapporto di proiezione 4:3
  • Tipo montaggio
  • Montaggio a parete e o soffitto
  • Bordi neri laterali
  • BL0 - Senza bordi lateriali
  • Base Utile di proiezione
  • 250 - Base Utile di proiezione cm 250
  • Tela da Proiezione
  • Tela Matt White
  • Diagonale Utile di proiezione
  • 123 - Diagonale Utile di proiezione 123"
  • discesa standard
  • Discesa posteriore
  • tipo proiezione

Weight & dimensions

  • Weight
  • 14 kg


  • Format
  • Video
  • Diagonal
  • 3.12 m (123")
  • Native aspect ratio
  • 4:3
  • Viewable screen height (H)
  • 190 cm
  • Viewable screen width (W)
  • 2,5 m
  • Overall screen size (Height x Width)
  • 190 x 250 cm


  • Product colour
  • White
  • Mounting type
  • Ceiling/wall
  • Case colour
  • White
  • Material
  • Aluminium
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